Soak your feet in a basin of warm water for 10-15 minutes. Then use pumice stone to scrub off the dead skin on your heel. After this, apply Vitamin E oil on the heels and wear a pair of soft cotton socks to seal in the oil coat. Repeat this remedy for few days at a stretch. You will surely notice a marked improvement in the condition of your heels. Simply soaking feet in warm salt water eases the pain and discomfort caused by cracked heels. It also keeps germs away, thereby preventing infection.

I spend a lot of my time looking at people?s feet (discreetly of course!) and I learn a great deal out of doing so. It fascinates me to look and I know this may sound like strange behavior to you and I know what you are probably thinking ?cuckoo? but trust me, you can actually tell a lot about a person by their feet! Corns and calluses can be treated with many types of medicated products to chemically pare down the thickened, dead skin. Step 2 Wet your pumice sponge and scrub all the cal­lused areas on your lath­ered foot– don’t spend more than a minute or two scrubbing.foot callus soak

If you have diabetes or circulation problems , DO NOT attempt to treat your corns. Get to a podiatrist and get the job done properly. This type of treatment can cause all manner of problems for your feet if you have any problems such as these. Combine five drops of tea tree oil and ½ ounce of almond, olive or grapeseed oil in a small plastic basin. You can also choose to add five drops of tea tree oil to a plastic basin filled with warm water. You Might Also Like Step 2

There are many home cures you can get for corns and calluses. Of course, the greatest thing to carry out is to obtain proper fitting shoes. Nonetheless, for an instant cure you can use callus creams or shavers. By and large, these will work okay. Nevertheless if they don’t, go to your local doctor for added help. In addition, keep in mind, if you have dreadful circulation or suffer with diabetes than you should probably be checked out ahead as you have a elevated chance of infection. A physician obtains a complete medical history and perform a complete physical examination with laboratory tests and diagnostics to diagnose Crohn’s disease.foot callus home remedy

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